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May 18th / Montreal Tournament

The Albany Rebels continued their season travelling to participate in the annual Montreal Shamrocks May Tournament. The Rebels began the day strongly  with a win over the Montreal B team 2-2 to 0-3. The second match of the day was a very close game from start to finish but ended with the Rebels losing narrowly to Quebec 1-0 to 1-1.

The Rebels were then seeded 4th in the semi-finals playing up a level against a Senior level Montreal team. Montreal winning 4-3 to 1-1.

The tournament saw a strong Rebels team making the trip. Tucker Conklin in goal put in some noteworthy performances with his communication and organization of the defence. The Massena brothers continue to be a threat to any team they face and Des Norris continued his fine form, and RC Helsing chipped in with the scoring.

Coach Henry Best had this to say "I think it was our best defensive effort all year. Lots of talking and it started with Tucker".  His saves and kick outs together with directing Rebels into position made him a real asset in this tournament.


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