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Rebels Player Poll: Who Do You Hate to Cover at Training?

While the Rebels are on a quarantine break, we polled every player with some fun questions for a new web series. The survey was anonymous so as to guarantee the most honest answers. We asked all Rebels players to pick a teammate who best fits each question and we’ve turned the answers into short stories complete with supporting quotes from various teammates.

Today's question: Who do you hate to cover at training?

RC Helsing


RC Helsing - 3 votes Joe Donlon - 2 Tim Gerrish - 2 Henry Best - 2 Ryan Moloney - 2 Ian Maher - 2 Mark Adam - 1 Spencer Bassette - 1 Tom Caldwell - 1 Mike Lee - 1 Chris Poggi - 1

Apparently nobody likes being hit and harassed all over the training field, because that's what turned up in this player poll. The top vote getters - RC Helsing, Joe Donlon, Tim Gerrish, Henry Best - are all tenacious players.

Helsing, the reigning Rookie of the Year, edged out the rest of that group, likely in part to his quickness and speed.

"RC is intimidating and a royal pain in the ass to be marked by," said Rebels forward Cillian Flavin. "He gets in your head and leaves a mark on you if given the opportunity. Great defender."

And while his teammates don't enjoy playing against him at training, they love him on gamedays.

"RC's a guy who always brings it," said Mark Adam. "He's a lockdown defender who can take away an opponent's best weapon."

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