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Rebels Player Poll: Best Hands

While the Albany Rebels are on a quarantine break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we polled every player with some fun questions for a new web series. The survey was anonymous so as to guarantee the most honest answers. We asked all Rebels players to pick a teammate who best fits each question and we’ve turned the answers into short stories.

Today's question: Who has the best hands on the team?

Mark Adam, Joe Bradley and Tom Caldwell


Mark Adam - 3 votes

Joe Bradley - 3

Tom Caldwell - 3

Tim Gerrish - 2

Chris Poggi - 2

Henry Best - 1

Joe Donlon - 1

Cillian Flavin - 1

Mikey Heiserman - 1

Mike Lee - 1

Ian Maher - 1

This question resulted in a three-way tie between Mark Adam, Joe Bradley and Tom Caldwell. Each player handles the ball extremely well and can bring the football in, even in heavy traffic.

"Joe is rooted to the ground like a tree when you shoulder him, but for a lad who isn't the tallest, he really gets off the ground," said Cillian Flavin. "He routinely fields the ball, beating people with a height advantage over him. It's a sight to behold."

"Like everything else in football, fielding the ball is just as much mental as it is physical," said Mark Adam. "You have to have the mindset when the ball is up in the air or bouncing along the grass that it's your ball and you need to be strong and go through it."

"Tom is one of those guys that's just always gonna win the ball," said Ryan Moloney. "He makes it easy, you can play it low, high or on the bounce to him and you know he's gonna get to the ball and reel it in."

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