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Rebels Player Poll: Biggest Hitter

While the Albany Rebels are on a quarantine break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we polled every player with some fun questions for a new web series. The survey was anonymous so as to guarantee the most honest answers. We asked all Rebels players to pick a teammate who best fits each question and we’ve turned the answers into short stories complete with supporting quotes from various teammates.

Today's question: Who is the biggest hitter on the team?

Joe Bradley hitting opponent


Joe Bradley - 8 votes

Tom Caldwell - 5

Ian Maher - 2

Henry Best - 1

Tim Gerrish - 1

RC Helsing - 1

Though a forward's main objective is to score points and goals, Joe Bradley also makes it a priority to work back defensively and, when possible, lay some lumber on opponents.

Bradley's appetite for hitting comes in part from his American football background. He played high school football for the Guilderland Dutchmen in Albany County.

"Gaelic football is a game where you have the opportunity to make it as physical as you want it to be," Bradley said. "Some guys try to avoid contact while others like to mix it up and get into it with the other guys. I am one of those guys. I like to play tough and that's my mentality. When I have the opportunity to take a guy on, I line him up and take my best shot."

That was on full display back in the fall of 2018 in a match at Hartford. An opponent had delivered an illegal hit to Mark Adam's head during the first half. The Rebels took notice of the play, and later in the game, it was Bradley who had a chance to respond.

The player was carrying the ball up the sideline towards midfield and Bradley sprinted about 30 yards to deliver the hit.

"You could see what was about to happen," Adam recalled. "The guy had the ball and was looking up field, and Joey was running flat out to catch him. I think it was called a foul because he got him from behind, but it was worth it, and appreciated."

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