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Syracuse Tournament Preview (7/21)

Joe Bradley

After a month-long break from competition, the Albany Rebels will play in the Syracuse 7s Tournament on Saturday against Montreal, Toronto and the host Syracuse Gaels.

The Rebels have struggled in tournament play this season, going 1-2 in Montreal and 0-3 at Fairfield. The competition this weekend will be similar to those past tournaments with two strong Canadian squads and a familiar in-state rival.

"We've had a fairly long stretch since our last game, but our practices have been great from both a turnout and an intensity standpoint," said Ryan Moloney. "We're looking forward to playing in some competitive games with familiar foes in Syracuse and Montreal, and a team from Toronto that we're happy to be getting the chance to play for the first time."

The tournament is a round robin format with the top two teams advancing to the final.

Albany's first game starts at 10:30 a.m.

Albany Roster

Paul Acosta

Mark Adam

Henry Best

Joe Bradley

Dylan Conklin

Joe Donlon

Cillian Flavin

Brian Kanalley

John Levendosky

Ryan Moloney

Mike Nolan

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