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10 Reasons to Try Gaelic Football this Friday

Cillian Flavin

The Albany Rebels Gaelic Football Club will hold its first indoor practice of the winter session this Friday from 7:00-8:30 p.m. at Afrims in Colonie. Players will do a team warmup, run a variety of drills and scrimmage. Indoor practices are free (if you have an Afrims membership through indoor soccer) and new players are always welcome.

Need some reasons to check out a practice? Club Chairman Cillian Flavin gives 10 of them:

  1. You can learn a new sport and get some exercise.

  2. It is a fast game combining elements of several sports, including soccer, rugby, and even basketball.

  3. It is the most popular sport in Ireland - there are over 2,000 GAA clubs in Ireland.

  4. GAA club and county teams represent their local community. It is the honour of representing one's community that spurs people on to play.

  5. It is a sport for everyone with positions requiring speed and agility, or strength and toughness, or all of the them ideally!

  6. You use both your hands and your feet.

  7. It is a completely amateur sport. Even at the highest level, people play for the grá (love) of the game.

  8. Gaelic football is frenetic from beginning to end with plenty of scoring - the action is constant.

  9. Injuries are uncommon - you are more likely to get injured playing soccer than Gaelic football.

  10. Lift a pint with some of the guys after practice. Players meetup for drinks at the Celtic Hall in Albany after training. We’re a sociable bunch!

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