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Rebels Prepare for Inaugural New York Cup

Rebels training

The James Connolly Albany Rebels are days away from playing in the first matches of the inaugural New York Cup. Albany will play Syracuse at 1 p.m. and Buffalo at 3 p.m. on Saturday at Manlius Pebble Hill School in Syracuse.

It marks the first of three dates this season in which Albany, Buffalo and Syracuse will play each other in a round robin format.

“We are delighted to get the New York Cup up and running,” said Rebels chairman Cillian Flavin. “It has been too long since there has been competitive football played in Upstate and Western New York. We look forward to three days of exciting football with the Rebels bringing home the trophy!"

Albany has enjoyed recent success against Syracuse, winning all four matches against their rival last season. Albany and Buffalo last met in 2013.

The Rebels have set the roster for Saturday:

  • Paul Acosta

  • Mark Adam

  • Spencer Bassette

  • Joe Bradley

  • Frank Cabe

  • Dylan Conklin

  • Joe Donlon

  • Brian Kanalley

  • Mike Lee

  • Ian Maher

  • Connor Stark

  • Brad Wilson

“The squad is definitely excited to begin the New York Cup competition," Mike Lee said. "We're coming off one of our best performances as a club so we want to continue those positive steps.”

The New York Cup will go to Buffalo on July 8 and come to Albany on August 5.

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