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The Rebels Keep Marching On

With a 2-18 (24) to 1-11 (14) victory last Saturday against the Syracuse Gaels, the James Connolly Albany Rebels have now won four games in a row. The Rebels jumped out to an early lead thanks to two quick goals, and the defense stood up to see through the win.

Ryan Moloney benefited from his recent move to halfback from half-forward, scoring 1-5 from his new position to set the tone for the offense. Moloney contributed much of the offensive output due to midfielder Ian Maher and halfback Tim Gerrish, saying they were dominant in possession.

Player-coach Cillian Flavin made a point to again single out full-back Paul Acosta, who put in another man-of-the-match performance, describing Acosta as “immense.” Moloney added that Acosta “played out of his mind” as he made several last ditch blocks to prevent Syracuse from scoring certain goals.

This match against Syracuse is the last of Albany’s existing schedule, but efforts are being made to set-up matches with teams from Connecticut for late summer and early fall.

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