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Rebels Draw with Syracuse in New York Cup Opener

The Albany Rebels surrendered a 6-point lead at halftime and hung on for a 1-9 (12 points) to 1-9 (12 points) draw in their New York Cup opener against the Syracuse Gaels on Sunday afternoon at Henninger High School in Syracuse.

Syracuse opened the scoring with a point from the half-forward line just moments in, but Rebels forward Tim Gerrish responded with a goal and gave his team a lead it would keep for nearly the rest of the match. The Rebels took control and went into halftime with a comfortable 1-5 (8 points) to 0-2 (2 points) lead.

Syracuse pushed back in the second half, taking advantage of Rebels turnovers and fouls. They scored a huge goal when they intercepted an Albany pass across the half-back line which caused a defensive breakdown on the odd-man rush. The Gaels converted five points off frees and tied the match with about two minutes left in regulation.

Forward Ryan Moloney led the Rebels in scoring with five points, and Cillian Flavin had four points, in addition to Gerrish’s goal.

Rebels Goalkeeper Mark Adam made three saves, but was needed more for aerial stops as Syracuse played dangerous crosses and long balls into the box throughout the game.

“We did some good things today but this is a disappointing result,” Adam said. “We know what needs to be improved - keep better possession, make the simple plays and have more discipline in tackles. Credit to Syracuse for the way they played in the second half."

Following the match, Syracuse hosted the Rebels for a postgame party.

Albany returns to action on Saturday, June 19 when they travel to Buffalo.

Rebels Scoring:

Ryan Moloney 0-5

Cillian Flavin 0-4

Tim Gerrish 1-0


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