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Board of Directors Elected for 2021

The Albany Rebels elected its Board of Directors for the 2021 season at the club’s Annual General Meeting on December 8. The meeting was held virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The Board, which leads the club’s operations, remains largely the same as the year prior, including Cillian Flavin as chairperson.

Five new positions were created - Hurling Officer, Social Officer, Fundraising Officer, Field Officer and Recruitment Officer.

"Pandemic aside it is nice to be entering the year with an experienced board which is complemented by some new and enthusiastic members," Flavin said. "It is always nice to bring in new ideas and opinions."

Albany Rebels Board of Directors


Cillian Flavin


Joe Bradley


Nicolas Tebano


John Levendosky


Chuck Flood

Players Representative

Brendan Rock

Public Relations Officer

John Conley

Youth Officer

Henry Best

Hurling Officer*

Justin Finning

Social Officer*

Charles MacGowan

Fundraising Officer*

Dustin Moore

Field Officer*

Ryan Moloney

Recruitment Officer*

Patrick Curran


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