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Rebels Player Poll: Ambassador to Canada

While the Albany Rebels are on a quarantine break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we polled every player with some fun questions for a new web series. The survey was anonymous so as to guarantee the most honest answers. We asked all Rebels players to pick a teammate who best fits each question and we’ve turned the answers into short stories.

Ryan Moloney

Today's question: Who is our best ambassador to Canada? (has the best time at the Montreal Tournament)


Ryan Moloney - 6 votes

Henry Best - 4

Joe Bradley - 1

Tucker Conklin - 1

Cillian Flavin - 1

Brian Kanalley - 1

Spencer Bassette - 1

Chris Poggi - 1

The annual Montreal Tournament is one of the highlights of the season for the Albany Rebels. A select group of players travels across the border to play in a 9s tournament against quality teams from cities such as Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary and Halifax. It's usually stiff competition, and to Albany's credit, they've won the tournament two of the past three years.

One player who always makes this road trip is Ryan Moloney. Most guys make a weekend of it and leave for Montreal on Friday evening, but Moloney has been known to go up a little early, find a nice Airbnb, and turn it into a vacation of sorts.

"The Montreal Tournament is absolutely one to pencil in your calendar each year, and we always try to make a full weekend of it," said Ryan Moloney. "It's a great opportunity to play teams from near and far, all at a high level, and winning the tournament this past year was definitely one of the highlights of our time as a club. Outside of the actual tournament, the city itself is just a really fun place to spend a weekend, and helps to bring the team together off the field as well, without getting into too much trouble ... usually."

An impressive runner-up on this player poll question was Henry Best, who although he has only made one trip to the Montreal Tournament, received four votes. Perhaps it was all the time he spent sipping beer out of the trophy last year.

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