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Rebels Lose Home Finale to Hartford

Dylan Conklin

The Albany Rebels squandered an early lead and lost their home finale against Hartford 3-8 (17 points) to 2-6 (12 points) on Saturday at Plumeri Sports Complex in Albany.

While the Rebels have lost all three matches to Hartford this season, this was the most competitive thus far. The Rebels jumped out to a 7-0 lead to start the game. But as the game progressed, Hartford asserted themselves and pulled away.

Rookie forward Chris Poggi led the Rebels in scoring (1 goal and 1 point), followed by Ryan Moloney (1 goal), Cillian Flavin (2 points), Tim Gerrish (1 point), Mike Lee (1 point) and Mike Nolan (1 point).

Rebels on the sideline

Another rookie, fullback Henry Best, made one of the plays of the game when he saved a likely Hartford goal by clearing a shot off the line.

"I saw their guy wind up to take his shot, so I ran over to the empty side of the net, stuck my leg out and hoped for the best," he said.

The Rebels have one final shot at Hartford when they travel there for the season finale on Saturday. The match starts at 1:30 p.m.

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